A different

Although men work the land, if there is one thing we wish to leave behind us at Smith Haut Lafitte, it is the certainty that this will always be a protected haven of tranquillity"…

Florence Cathiard

Our four seasons are a hymn to nature

« Agriculture contains the word culture, artisan contains the word art, and aesthetic is similar to ethical »

Florence Cathiard

Artisans and art

The château has regularly added to their collection of sculptures for the past 25 years.

After English artist Barry Flanagan’s “Hospitality” (a humanoid hare), Italian artist Mimmo Paladino sculpted the large stylised figure of a man in black bronze that is located in the central courtyard. Pecked by dozens of birds, he welcomes visitors from around the world. A bronze “Venus” by the American artist Jim Dine surveys the vines at Smith Haut Lafitte, overlooking a terroir that is beautiful despite centuries of upheaval. A work by Huang Yong Ping, “Out of the Eater, Something to Eat” in which the jaw is a recipient, symbolises cycles and transformations.

Barry Flanagan

Huang Yong Ping

Jim Dine

Mimmo Paladino

Les Sources de Caudalie

Located in the heart of the Château Smith Haut Lafitte vineyard, this haven of peace is an invitation to well-being… Combining elegance and simplicity, the Sources de Caudalie provide the perfect venue for an outstanding break and a wonderful opportunity to experience the French lifestyle.