Cooperage Smith Haut Lafitte

“We are one of the rare châteaux with an on-site cooperage. This is because we are well aware that the symbiosis between oak and our great growth wine is fundamental. Jean-Luc is a true artisan and one of the pillars of our commitment to quality”

Daniel Cathiard – Owner – Château Smith Haut Lafitte.

Designed in 1993, the SHL cooperage was updated in 2014. This allows us to make the barrels for the Château Smith Haut Lafitte wines.

Since 1993, we have been selecting the oak trees from the most prestigious forests in France according to their very specific terroir. Bercé, Jupilles, Tronçais or Loches give us the oak from haute Futaie from 200 to 250 years old trees. Their extremely fine grain and their moderated richness of subtle and elegant tannins are a strength for our wines. Always in an environmental concern, every cut tree gives birth to an other plantation.

Jean-Luc, makes between 3 and 4 barrels a day. The design of  barrels goes through several fundamental stages to give and to keep the good aromas in our wines. The long ageing in barrel is a key aromatic element for our wines. They will be raised approximately 18 months for red and 12 months for whites. This breeding will allow an exchange with the air and the wood which will develop tannins and specific aromas.

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